Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What to do if your gas pedal sticks while driving.

   Picture this, you are driving down the road and you are coming up to a stop light with traffic coming in all directions. You go to brake, only to find out you cannot stop your vehicle. This nightmare has happened to Tracy. Luckily, Fred taught her what to do should this ever happen.   First of all let me clarify that the brakes were in good working order. Instead it was a stuck gas pedal. She tried to unstick it but could not. As she approached the stop light, she could not stop the vehicle. She pulled over into a clear turning lane, shut the engine off, and put the vehicle into park. Had she put the vehicle into park before shutting the vehicle off, she could have damaged the transmission and the engine. As a result of knowing what to do, she avoided a possible accident and I am happy to say although it was a frightening experience,both her and the vehicle remained unharmed.

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